Drift Boat Fishing Guides on the Salmon River

Chinook King Salmon Fishing in Salmon River NYCHINOOK (KING) SALMON

Truly pure power, more than one can imagine. A king will definitely put your equipment to the test.  A King Salmon will definetely make your drag scream as it's running down th Salmon River peeling off line with your rod bent to the max. Any one of these not up to par and you’ll be left standing with broken equipment and a broken heart. 15-40 lbs. (September, October)

Fisherman Holding Steelhead FishSTEELHEAD

An amazing and most beautiful fish and a favorite among many. These large lake raised rainbows are a true challenge and most rewarding to those lucky enough to experience them. The best steelhead fishing is in November, December, and April where the stealhead average 5-20lbs.

Fisherman Holding Coho Salmon CatchCOHO SALMON

A definite handful and a battle that even the most experienced are not ready for. When runs of coho start coming up the river in September it’s something you won’t want to miss. These scrappy fighters let loose when hooked, jumping, spinning and have swam around you twice before you know what hit you. 10-20 lbs. (Sept, October)


We believe that the place you stay is just as important as your fishing trip. Our lodge is just 20 minutes north of the Salmon River, 10 minutes south of the Black River and 10 minutes off the tributaries which all produce some population of Salmon and Steelhead.

Check out our Lots A Limits Fishing Lodge.

What to bring: Waders, fishing license, polarized sunglasses, cooler for your catch, and clothing to meet weather conditions.

8 hours - $225/person
$200.00 deposit required
8 hours - $250/person based on 2 people.
$200.00 deposit required
Prices based on 2 people
(60 day written notice of cancellation required for a full refund)